I am…. MO-A-NAaaaaa!!! Just kidding. I’m Joannie Yeh, MD FAAP, a pediatrician practicing in Media, Pennsylvania (and I do consider it part of my job to belt out Disney tunes – you’d be surprised how useful singing Let It Go was to hypnotize 2-4 year old kids into an examinable trance). 

My goal here is to supplement information I offer to patients and their families, to augment the meager 10-20 minute office visits. I am passionate about doing more for kids outside the office walls, such as through legislative advocacy, writing op-eds in the local newspaper, working on small community grants, and this blog. Please let me know if there are any topics you are interested in hearing about and I will try to address them.

While the blog posts are listed by date, you can filter out relevant topics by clicking on categories or tags that interest you, or by searching on the website. 

I don’t have comments open on the blog because I just don’t have to time to respond or address them (and that’s why I’m a BETA momma, because I know my limitations and don’t at all pretend to have it all or do it all). Please like or share content you enjoy, and if you would like to connect with me on a topic, you can tweet at me @Betamomma.  Follow me here on Twitter for the latest on kids health.  Follow my Pinterest board for parenting ideas.


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