Hello! I’m Joannie Yeh, MD FAAP, a pediatrician practicing in Media, Pennsylvania. There are many reasons why I absolutely love my job. It is an absolute delight watching kids grow up, discussing their accomplishments, and helping them (or getting them to the right help) when their body or brain is not working well. Another fulfilling aspect of my job is empowering parents to be awesome at managing their kids mental, emotional, and physical health, as well as being able to advocate for themselves and their kids when they need more assistance.

The beta in the betamomma is to convey and accept the imperfections of life. Own it. That’s right, I am so not an alpha mom. I am okay with not knowing something, being taught something new by my kids and sharing with them that I made a mistake. I am okay with not going to every activity for my kids. I am okay with being completely incapable of planning a birthday for my kids (yup, they haven’t had one yet, and guess what, they survived!). I also want to hold parents’ hands and let them know it’s okay to  have imperfections, too. We are in this together, and together as a team working for their child’s health, we will all be okay. 

To accomplishment that, I am using this website to share information I offer to patients and their families and to augment the meager 10-20 minute office visits. I also want to be able to empower those beyond my clinical reach as an additional resource. Let’s be clear, I’m not here to offer medical advice or to replace someone’s local pediatrician. However, in this chaotic world, there must be someone, somewhere, who might be looking for an extra ear, an extra tool, an extra resources. I hope to provide that through writing blog posts and newspaper opinion editorials, sending informative emails, advocating for kid and family friend policies, sharing downloadable files, and leading parenting workshops and speaking to groups of parents. 

Please like or share content you enjoy, and if you would like to connect with me on a topic, you can tweet at me @Betamomma.  Follow me here on Twitter for the latest on kids health.  Follow my Pinterest board for parenting ideas.


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