Important forms that I frequently use with my patients. Please fill out as much as you can on the form, including your child’s name, date of birth, health problems, allergies, and medications. This helps us immensely!  We will fill out the vitals and the rest and modify if necessary.

Local development/behavioral and mental health resources


  • Oh, how I love libraries!!!  I grew up going to the library and frequently take my kids to the library where they pick out new books and play with new toys (new to them which is totally what counts as  beta parenting, because who has time, money, and space to keep buying new new books & toys at home?!?!?).
  • Find a local library near you! Listing of all Delaware County libraries.
  • Find a local library event of you and your child to attend. I especially encourage stay at home parents to take advantage of opportunity for them and their young child to mingle with other parents and kids and hear great storytelling and music from the talented librarians.  This resource is also great for shy elementary school aged kids who are into chess, legos, and/or minecraft to play with other like-minded kids, since the elementary schools often don’t offer clubs or after school activities yet.