Upcoming posts & websites on parenting, sleep, birth control, and a driving permit

So, help keep me accountable here.  I’ve included a list of upcoming posts that I have talked to some of my patients about. I put together some links in mean time but will elaborate with a full post later.

  1. Positive parenting – a guide from the CDC, includes all different ages from babies to toddlers to teens.
  2. Busy bags for toddlers and kids (ideas with basic materials you need and busy bag ideas organized by theme and material. Will combine this topic with a post on how to create a screen-minimal environment and schedule for your kids.


  1. …. ? I can’t remember anymore. Will update when I do remember haha. I remember it now! Sleep! Who wants more information on helping babies sleep better?
  2. While I’m into remembering things, two more websites I frequently refer my patients and families to and will dedicate a fuller blog post to each one at a later time. Information for teens (and parents) to get from from learner’s permit to experienced driver.
  3. I start talking about birth control when girls first get their periods. There is absolutely no medical need for a period. It’s my duty to let girls and their parents know what medical options are available treat heavy and painful periods, acne, and severe PMS. The same options can also treat inconvenient periods as well, because ice skaters, soccer players and anyone taking a vacation or the SATs should be able to enjoy (well, maybe not enjoy but at least focus for the SATs) their event without the hassle of changing pads, tampons, or outfits (yeah, despite best efforts, sometimes the bleeding escapes). At least then everyone is aware they can call their pediatrician for assistance when they are ready to consider birth control as an option to improve life quality. Here is a great website that outlines all options along with risk, benefits, and myth buster explanations to help the teen find the right birth control for her.