Introducing Productivity

Parenting and productivity

I am a total productivity nerd. I have to be. Babies thwart all my plans. So I have power up my plans and make them as fool proof as possible to get anything done. Plus, my mind is very scattered, so I have to try very hard to focus. The combo of babies and being easily distracted has made me somewhat of a curator of time management strategies. Having more time allows me to get the right things done and spend the rest on what’s important to me – playing with the kids, running, and writing. Furthermore, when I make strides in parenting, like keeping the kids on consistent rules for screen time and teaching them to do their laundry, I become more productive. I spend less time fighting with them when it’s time to turning off the TV and have more time for other things because I delegated their chores.

It makes sense that the next step in my parenting blogging journey that I add productivity as a major topic to write about. After all, I already have started writing about bullet journaling for busy moms and people with ADHD and how it’s helped my productivity, and about my favorite timers (well, almost, that post is coming soon). I’m so excited to combine my passion for parenting AND productivity. I’m so excited to have a space to share time management strategies that lead to living a fulfilled and joyful life! Plus, I think all the people around me will be happy, too, because I won’t have to be buzzing in their ears anymore about this topic since I’ll have an outlet here.

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Finding my home topics has been a journey. As a pediatrician and “Beta” parent (good enough is fine, 10 second rule is totally fine… at home, oops-did-I-forget-to-sign-your-papers-again?), parenting and children’s health topics were natural . Now, finding a place for my productivity passion feels like I’m home now. All people wanting more control of their time and/or people who love pretty planners are welcome! Sign up above and say hello!