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Why I make printable guides

While a lot of information is on the internet, sometimes it just doesn’t beat holding a piece of paper in your hand and making some markings on it with a pencil or pen. Here are some pdf guides (aka action plans aka worksheets) that accompany some of the blog posts.


Download the 8 tips to teen sleep checklist. Setting up your child for a successful day starts with the night before. Check off each tip as you and your child work on improving the bed time routine. Learn more information about these 8 tips and the scientific studies behind those recommendations in this post. Read more here about how screen time affects kids’ sleep and some suggested ways to balance screen time and sleep.

Mental Health

Download the mental health action plan. Customize it with your own calming and helpful activities and encouraging circle of people. It might be helpful to review it at least twice a year as your interests, preferences, mental health status, and support community may change. Print out extra copies to have on hand for those modifications. The first one is black and white, and the second one is a color copy. Read more about how to help your child if they seem anxious or depressed and how to check in with your teen. Check out my favorite resources for mental health here.


Download this sheet that includes explanation of acne-fighting ingredients, 2 sample acne regiments, and one card to fill in your own routine or for your child to fill in on their own. Remember, don’t bother with this unless your child is actually interested in getting rid of their acne. Otherwise, you are just wasting your breath, your time, and your money. Read more about how to use acne cleansers and moisturizers.

Self Care

Use this guide to brainstorm and fill in your self care plan. Two sample sheets are included to jumpstart the ideas. Customize it to your needs and interests. Even just a brief moment of intentional silence to yourself can lead to long term benefits to your health! Check out more tips on how and why it’s important to take care of yourself amidst the hustle and bustle of taking care of your family and loved ones. See the “Self Care Affirmations” page if you need still need some convincing to prioritize yourself.

Healthy Eating

Coming soon! Download this sheet with tips to get the whole family eating healthier as well as two nutrition boosting recipes – one for smoothies and one for muffins. Customize the recipes to include ingredients your family enjoys and have available. Get some back to school nutrition tips here that work every day of the year.

Schedule Planning Templates

Managing Screen Time

Have your kids do SCREEN time before getting screen time. Want more on how to manage screen time? Here are some tips from a pediatrician and here is more on how sleep can be interrupted by screen time.

Also, how about letting your kids earn screen time by completing these EARN tasks? Easy to remember and sets up a good habit. As I tell my kids, eventually, they will have to make good choices on their own. I won’t always be around to boss them around. This is an easy visual checklist for them to remind them before they reach for their screen, and hopefully, the habit eventually turns this into an internal mental checklist.

I love making action plans and guides to organize my thoughts. What else would you like to see here? Let me know!

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