BetamommaMD coming soon!

Coming soon,, a blog dedicated to practical tips to help physicians (probably also applicable to busy moms, career women) find wellness in life, style, career, and finances. Please sign up here to get notified of the launch (aiming for first week of Feb 2018).

(Update 2/17/2018) I am stretched way too thin right now, no time to start a new blog (oops, already bought the domain name). I decided that whatever I have to say about all the topics above, I will blog about on Girl Med Media, a non-profit I co-founded with some amazing ladies to support women in medicine. Please be patient as we grow our audience, content, and collaborators. For now, I offer this pdf worksheet on preparing to be a successful mentee.

I look forward to sharing so much info (personal, anecdotes from my friends, seminal research on physician wellness, and spotlighting programs that are really serving their doctors and trainees well)! Can’t wait to connect with you on that platform.