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Welcome to the smorgasbord of things I do outside the hospital to try to elevate the health of the community and advocate for all kids. Catch a glimpse here of how the life of a primary care pediatrician includes many diverse activities. Connect with me on Twitter @Betamomma and Linked-In. Also, check out the betamomma blog if you are interested in evidenced-based good-enough parenting ideas from a pediatrician mom.


I have been journaling since elementary school, blogging since college, and contributing to newspapers since medical school. All intermittently, often interrupted by exams, 80-hour work weeks and… laziness. It’s only been about 3 years after settling into an attending job that I’ve been able to consistently write. Google docs has been the best app for this, as I quickly rework a sentence or jot down ideas for an article in between patients, while waiting for a face mask to dry, or sitting in the car. Here is a collection of my published articles.

How to find a mentorDoximity. KevinMD.

How to prepare for meeting with a mentorDoximity. KevinMD. PDF Guide.

How to start a blog. Medium. Ready to start a blog? Register a domain name with blue host.

How to set up a Twitter account. Medium.

Contract Negotiation Strategies. Doximity. Strategy Guide pdf. Contract comparison worksheet in pdf, word, and excel.

Check out Getting To Yes, the book where BATNA,
best alternative to a negotiated agreement, was first coined.

Gloss, Glam, and the Glass Ceiling in Medicine. Doximity.

See here for a complete list of Doximity articles.

Why starting school later is a good idea. DelcoTimes.

Congress needs to renew CHIP. DelcoTimes.

Talking to kids about 13 Reasons Why. DelcoTimes.

Oh, and the blog.

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I speak every day in the exam room on a micro level to kids, teens, and parents. Sometimes grandparents, too. But the amazing benefit of speaking to a group is that I don’t have to write notes, don’t have to click through 100 electronic medical record obstacles to document what I say, and ultimately reach more ears. I have enjoyed speaking to small local crowds as well as large national audiences. A sample of venues and topics include: 

  • Newborn prenatal classes at Riddle Memorial Hospital
  • Health Talk for Teens at the Middletown Juvenile Detention Center
  • PA AAP obesity educator for clinicians at various primary care offices
  • Residency noon conference at AI DuPont Hospital for Children – Social Media for Medical Students and Residents
  • Feminem Idea Exchange (FIX) – A Story of Self Awareness
  • American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) – Gender Bias in Medicine, Mentorship in Medicine
  • PA AAP Career Day – Contract Negotiation

Need someone to speak on the following topics? Email me at first name.last name at gmail. 

  • Successful mentoring relationships
  • Physician contract negotiation
  • Social media connection for career advancement
  • Gender bias in medicine/in pay equity
  • Mental health in pediatric primary care
  • Self awareness and emotional intelligence

Youtube channel: Betamomma Book Break is a series videos for parents to get ideas on how to interactively read to their kids.

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I am proud to be a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and am grateful for their resources to help me talk to legislators and the community about putting kids first. Through training at their Legislative Conference, I was inspired to write a few opinion pieces – see the articles above from DelcoTimes. I also call the state senators regularly about bills and issues pertain to child and maternal health. And of course, I vote (that’s the spoiler for this article here).

Women in Medicine

I co-founded Girl Med Media, Inc, a non-profit to support women in medicine with the mission to amplify the voices of women in medicine and empower them through educational opportunities. Girl Med Media had its first live event, a continuing medical education conference (Girl_Med_Live_2018_Flyer), in Dallas, TX on Nov 2-4, 2018. Follow them on Twittter at @GirlMedMedia to join a supportive community and to find out about future events. I have also a founding member of Times Up Healthcare – promoting equity and safety for all healthcare workers.

Check out Lean In and I Know How She Does It,
two of my favorite books to empower women

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Life Pi(e)

As the numbers of pi continue on, so my interests and hobbies spill beyond the finite pie of my time. I don’t do everything I want often enough or skilled enough, but I dedicate some slice of my schedule to these things enough to make my brain happy and balanced. Running, baking, TRAVEL!, coffee, music. And, hanging out with my kids. Some of these interests can be combined, such as traveling with my kids, baking with my kids, super slow jogging as my 6 year old rides her scooter along side me, picking out different CDs from the library to expose my kids to different types of music. I also try to run when I travel as a way to explore a new place.

Read more about how to plan for progress in life. Stop wishing, start doing!

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