Forget the V8 juices (which are just repackaged sugar with no fiber or no health benefits) and vitamin drinks. Make your own smoothies to get more vitamin D/calcium and fruits /veggies into the family’s diet! Of course this is only part of the master plan for healthier eating. Continue offering fruits and vegetables to your kids in all sorts of colors and forms, because chewing their food sends full signals to the brain to help children know when to stop eating. But in the mean time, listed below are the components of my toddler and adult approved smoothies.

img_1473  img_1474

Frozen fruit: mangoes, strawberries, raspberries, pineapples
Healthy food: red peppers or tomato to go with red fruits, kale or spinach to go with mango, apple goes with anything
Protein/fiber: oatmeal, chiaseed, hemp seed, or flaxseed
Thickener: avocado, banana, and/or yogurt
Liquid: milk, rice milk, or almond milk

Also, try to involve kids in the process! Helps develop motor skills and responsibility. Maybe even piques interest in trying new foods.


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